Thursday, February 25, 2010



This week in Lab B1 we kept along with the jump rope theme and had to teach a segment of that for 4 minutes to the class. After listening to my transcript I found that I still say "guys" instead of class or everyone. This has always been a challenge for me because I never realized how many times I say it. It doesn't bother me when someone says that because to me it's just a generic term. I realize some people may take offense so I'm working on trying to eliminate it. This week I felt I had a really good gym voice and was loud enough for everyone to hear me. Also I liked the way I broke the groups up that way I was able to see everyone in the class and they could see each other as well. At the very end I used a good hook to get them to want to come back for more because I told them next week we would be doing a Jumpathon! I don't know what a jumpathon is, but neither did my class so it makes them hungry for more and you could hear them asking each other and getting excited which is what you want to do. Something to improve on could be my feedback. You want to strive to giving most kids feedback but I find I only give 2-3 students feedback which is not a lot. I thought I used my time better this week and it can be seen in my time coding. I tried to limit the instruction time and increase activity time which worked well.

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