Friday, February 12, 2010

Time Coding

This activity really broke down for me the actual time I spent doing instruction, management, activity, and waiting. I had never really thought about how much time I was spending on each so it was interesting to see. I thought I did fairly well especially because we didn't even know we had to teach that day it was just sprung on us so I didn't have a lesson plan and had to go with the flow. This is good though because sometimes in a real classroom situation that is what you have to do.
By looking at the time coding I noticed that I spent more time on instruction than I should have. I spent 32% of the time giving instructions at the beginning and end of class and I should have spent less time on that so they could have more activity time. The amount of activity time was 58% which I think is good. But one thing to keep in mind is that in many schools children only have P.E. class one or two times a week for not a very long duration so as a future educator I want to make sure that these children are engaged in activity for as long as they can because that's my job.

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