Thursday, February 25, 2010



This week in Lab B1 we kept along with the jump rope theme and had to teach a segment of that for 4 minutes to the class. After listening to my transcript I found that I still say "guys" instead of class or everyone. This has always been a challenge for me because I never realized how many times I say it. It doesn't bother me when someone says that because to me it's just a generic term. I realize some people may take offense so I'm working on trying to eliminate it. This week I felt I had a really good gym voice and was loud enough for everyone to hear me. Also I liked the way I broke the groups up that way I was able to see everyone in the class and they could see each other as well. At the very end I used a good hook to get them to want to come back for more because I told them next week we would be doing a Jumpathon! I don't know what a jumpathon is, but neither did my class so it makes them hungry for more and you could hear them asking each other and getting excited which is what you want to do. Something to improve on could be my feedback. You want to strive to giving most kids feedback but I find I only give 2-3 students feedback which is not a lot. I thought I used my time better this week and it can be seen in my time coding. I tried to limit the instruction time and increase activity time which worked well.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lab A2

Since this was the second time doing the same lesson you would have thought I would have done better. I improved on some aspects but in other spots, not so much. I think the problem was me over thinking everything that needed to be covered. Although, this time I had a male, Harris and female, Lauren demonstrate the task which was good so the rest of the class could see what was expected of them. A little bit later pinpointed Amy to re-show the class what they were supposed to be doing. If I did this lesson again I would cut down on the instruction time and increase the activity time.

Time Code Feedback Transcript

Friday, February 12, 2010

Time Coding

This activity really broke down for me the actual time I spent doing instruction, management, activity, and waiting. I had never really thought about how much time I was spending on each so it was interesting to see. I thought I did fairly well especially because we didn't even know we had to teach that day it was just sprung on us so I didn't have a lesson plan and had to go with the flow. This is good though because sometimes in a real classroom situation that is what you have to do.
By looking at the time coding I noticed that I spent more time on instruction than I should have. I spent 32% of the time giving instructions at the beginning and end of class and I should have spent less time on that so they could have more activity time. The amount of activity time was 58% which I think is good. But one thing to keep in mind is that in many schools children only have P.E. class one or two times a week for not a very long duration so as a future educator I want to make sure that these children are engaged in activity for as long as they can because that's my job.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lesson Intro

After watching myself during the Lesson Intro I saw some strengths and some weaknesses to work on that will make me a better teacher. Some strengths that I noticed were I spoke clearly well when telling the class their lesson for the day. Also, I demonstrated to the class what the activity was so that way they knew what to do. If I had an actual class I would have chosen a student or two to demonstrate it for their peers. I felt the topic was easy so it was easy to understand. Some things I could have done better was I told the class that they were going to be throwing at targets but I never told them if they were going to get in groups and how they would move around the gym. Also at times my eyes drifted and I wasn't focusing on the class which is not good. I could have also changed the pitch of my voice to make the lesson more exciting and engage the students. Another aspect of the lesson I would have changed is when I was introducing myself to the class I used my first and last name instead of just saying Ms. Wagar. I'm glad we video assignments like this because now I can reflect back on this.