Sunday, January 31, 2010

Reflection of Teaching

Some things that I thought that went well was I was walking around when the students got with their partners and were practicing the skill. As I was walking around I was able to give feedback to the students and help encourage them to do better. Also I thought I used a strong voice. The class was in a small circle so it was easier for them to hear me. This was valuable because on the other half of the gym was another group making t harder to hear if I didn't have a strong voice. Some thing that I could have improved on when I first gathered the group I should have faced them a different direction. From where we were standing my class was able to see the other class on the other side and this caused a few of them to be distracted. You can even see them watching the other side instead of listening to y instructions. This impacts student learning because if you don't have their attention once they get into groups they won't know what to do.