Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lesson Intro

After watching myself during the Lesson Intro I saw some strengths and some weaknesses to work on that will make me a better teacher. Some strengths that I noticed were I spoke clearly well when telling the class their lesson for the day. Also, I demonstrated to the class what the activity was so that way they knew what to do. If I had an actual class I would have chosen a student or two to demonstrate it for their peers. I felt the topic was easy so it was easy to understand. Some things I could have done better was I told the class that they were going to be throwing at targets but I never told them if they were going to get in groups and how they would move around the gym. Also at times my eyes drifted and I wasn't focusing on the class which is not good. I could have also changed the pitch of my voice to make the lesson more exciting and engage the students. Another aspect of the lesson I would have changed is when I was introducing myself to the class I used my first and last name instead of just saying Ms. Wagar. I'm glad we video assignments like this because now I can reflect back on this.

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