Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Calling all Rockers

This week in lab we had to teach a 7 minute lesson and incorporate different tasks. As you can hear in my audio and read in my transcript I was nervous and hesitant and even had to stop in the beginning because I forgot what I was going to say next. It's like everything I had just went out the window because honestly I wasn't as prepared as I should have been. The day before we had a snow day so I was banking on having another one the next day, but boy was I wrong! I thought I had a good hook because I tried to try in the theme of being a "rock star" because Yang constantly refers to us as that. I had students imagine that the gym was their stage and the jump ropes were their guitars. This seemed to work well and got the students attention. Another strong point in my audio is I gave more feedback to the class then I have in previous labs but the only downfall is I didn't mention to whom I gave feedback too. I didn't use many peoples name so good thing I had the video so I could see which students I was talking too. I also thought I did well by pinpointing some people in class who were doing well. I had 2 males and 2 females demonstrate together by forming their own "band".
A weakness I saw was when I was putting together the time code, I noticed I didn't make as much use of the activity as I should have. Next time I'll try to have less instrustion and more activity time because when you get into a real classroom the kids just want to play and have fun and not listen to someone stand up there and talk so much. And because as a physical educator I want to see these kids moving all the time.

During the debriefing stage I checked for understanding by asking the students the cues again and the recited them back to me correctly. Keeping with the "rocker" theme I ended by saying next week we would do an encore. Hopefully leaving the students wanting to come back next week for more. For my next teaching assignment I need to bring in visual aides because if kids have questions they can just refer to the visual aid and it brighten ups the gym by giving them something to look at. Another good suggestion is to add music. Since I went with the rocker theme I could have played rock music in the background instead of the class being quiet and hearing the humming of a gym it could have livened the place up a bit and it would have tied in nicely with my theme.

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