Monday, March 29, 2010

Jugglers Unite!

This time in class I had to teach a Juggling lesson for Lab C. I thought it went fairly well. Out of the four people that went I was the last to go that day so I decided my lesson would consists of juggling tricks! The way I designed it was I took them around the gym showing them all five of the tricks and after that they were free to go to any station they wanted to and practice the skill. Some of these tasks included juggling 2 balls in one hand, partner juggling, walking around the lines of the gym, the claw, and under the legs. Everyone seemed to enjoy the activities and I think they liked the fact that they could jump around to whatever activity they wanted and they weren't timed and had to go station to station.
Something that I thought I did well on was I went around to all the different stations and talked with the students and if they were doing the activity well I went and changed the task for them to make it easier or harder. Also, I gave feedback to a lot of different students. Another thing I thought I did well on was at each station I had a poster on the ground so all the students there could see it and on the poster it listed the cues so they were constantly being reinforced the cues. Something else I forgot to go over in my lesson plan was my signal for attention and my safety statement. Both of these are important because you need to be able to get the classes attention when you want it.
Something I could have work on was my back was to the class for a lot of the time. At one point I went off to the side and had my back to everyone while I was trying to find clubs to use. When this happened one student, Harris, started throwing balls at the bleachers. When I first walked over there I didn't know what I was going to do but when I got there I asked what was going on and if he wanted to take a break and get some water to cool off. Next I gave him the clubs that were in my hand and asked him to try that. That way it was a challenge for him because he seemed to be doing well with the balls. Once he took the clubs he did well and seemed to forget about throwing the balls at the bleacher which was a good thing.

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