Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Trust Activities

This time in Lab D I was teaching trust activities which I thought went fairly well. There is so many activities you can do with incorporating trust and I went with levitation because everyone always seems to like that. My goal for the day was to get everyone involved and becoming more comfortable with trusting one another. If I was to do this is as a unit I would do it in the beginning of the year because it can also serve as an ice breaker and allow the class to get to know one another.

Compared to Lab A when we were first starting out I feel more comfortable with everything from teaching to class management to handling kids with behavioral issues. Although I still feel there is a lot more I can learn and that comes with practice.

Something I thought I excelled in was the Time coding sheet. I felt like I finally did a good job. This time around I cut down on the instruction time and had a much higher activity time than on any of the previous labs. And having more activity time in a
lesson plan is always a good thing.

Something I could have improved on was my instant activity. It wasn't so instant, but I really like playing "hog call" and I wanted to incorporate it some how. The reason it took so long was because I had to go around to each set of partners and make sure everyone had different buzz words so there wouldn't be any confusion. Also, everyone really seemed to enjoy the activity so maybe I should have played it again because my motto is if something isn't broke, don't fix it. If I played the activity again I could have kept them more active and since they enjoyed it they wouldn't have mind. Another aspect I could have improved on was my flow. It seemed that at some parts they didn't go as smoothly as they could have. My transition between activities was slow because I had to get out the mats and keep moving them around. Something else I could improve on is giving more feedback to students and using their names. It's always nice to call people by their names to make it more personable and once you mention someone by name them seem to respond or listen better.
This was our last Lab and I feel I have made many positive changes in my teaching. I am excited to keep learning more and to continue to get better.

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