Monday, November 2, 2009

Lab 3

Last week at St. Mary's was yet again another fun time. The kids are really starting to get to know us better and this makes it easier on the college kids for when we want them to play a game. This time at St. Mary's my group was in the gym first and we played a game called Zanny Zoo to look at their locomotor skills. We were primarley looking at leaping,horizontal jump, and sliding. Working with the 1st graders I was impressed that they were quick learners. Overall they struggled the most with leaping but when we put the poly dots on the group and made them leap with a purpose they did much better. This made them slow down and think about how to actually do the movement. Whenever someone gave the kids intructions on how to better their skills they really listened and tried hard to do it right the next time

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  1. It is great when they students read the cards and think what to do on their way back to the side. It is sometimes hard for the students to think quickly and sometimes they do the wrong skills. I found myself doing the wrong thing when I read the card.