Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gotham City Takes Over St.Mary's

Today at St. Mary's we did a superhero theme and the children responded very well to it. The minute we walked in with costumes of superheros on the kids were engaged and couldn't get enough of it. I worked with the pre-k kids and when we were outside we played different tag games for the whole time because that's what they love to do. I wore a Batman shirt and tried to play off the superhero theme and told the kids I had super powers. Then they too wanted to have special powers so we can up with some fun ones for them. When I was playing tag and was about to tag them they always touched something and claimed it was safe so they never got caught, then when they tried to get me I would do the same but I should have known they have different rules for the "college kids" as they like to call us. The one group I was playing with the one child, Andrew, wanted to be Spiderman so every time he wanted to tag someone he had to put his hand out and and spray his web just like the real superhero does. The other three girls in the group wanted their special power to be fire to they would throw fire balls. The kids always love just running around and having fun and it's nice to interact with them and know you can put a smile on their face.

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  1. Props are a great way to get the students involved and to get them more interested in what you have to offer. Great props!!!